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  • The Silver Collection

    The Silver Collection

    Ralph Messer's Silver Collection Celebrating 25 years of transformative teachings, Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® proudly presents The Silver Collection!    This remarkable DVD collection of some of...

  • The Bronze Collection

    The Bronze Collection

    Celebrating 27 years of life-changing teaching, Ralph Messer and Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® (STBM) present: The Bronze Collection, a sampling of some of the most requested teachings in the history of STBM. This...

  • People Management (STBM Bundle)

    People Management (STBM Bundle)

    People Management: The Torah Way, Volume 1 Within each person that we encounter is a story. Within each person are events that precede the introduction into their lives. Within each person is an opportunity. Within each...

  • 2022 Fall Conference

    2022 Fall Conference

    Ralph Messer is excited and ready to present to you and the worldwide STBM community a stellar three days of study that he prepared for all year! Fall of 2022 was the conference of the century and literally changed the...

  • The Courtroom Process

    The Courtroom Process

    Have you ever wondered why certain things proceed in a courtroom? If governments are run by laws, wouldn't you think The Courtroom Process is one of the more relevant things to study? Let's face the...

  • Living a Lifestyle of Honor

    Living a Lifestyle of Honor

    How does one conduct a life that is filled with honor? You've asked a question that's headed in the right direction! Welcome to Ralph Messer's Living a Lifestyle of Honor.First, we must seek out who best displays a life...

  • Don't Get Common with Your Crisis! Learn to Be an Overcomer

    Don't Get Common with Your Crisis! Learn to Be an Overcomer

    Every crisis in your life is only for a season. However, it is possible to get comfortable with your crisis! The comfort of your current season may be blocking your joyful expectation of the future and keeping you in lack...

  • Daughters: How to Raise a Princess

    Daughters: How to Raise a Princess

    A father’s purpose in his daughter’s life is to raise her to become a princess! No matter where you are at in your relationship with your daughters, you can learn how to repair ties, enhance connections, and make...

  • Learning How to Learn

    Learning How to Learn

    Have you ever struggled to get good grades, or found it difficult to improve your performance for a promotion? Is success just a fluke, or can we actually LEARN HOW TO LEARN?Join Ralph Messer in this phenomenal...

  • 2022 Nebraska Conference

    2022 Nebraska Conference

    Nearly every commercial plane in the world contains what is called a "black box," or in more modern terms, a "flight recorder.""What does the flight recorder do?" you may ask. It preserves the history of each flight that the...

  • The Pattern of Your Design

    The Pattern of Your Design

    What is The Pattern of Your Design? That's a great question and one you'll finally be able to answer after being a part of this study! In this exciting two-part teaching, you will be able to learn how to live within the...

  • Overcoming Your Internal Fight

    Overcoming Your Internal Fight

    The two influences of good and evil can be constantly at war within us, yet only one can have dominion in our thoughts, words, actions, and lives. What would our lifestyle look like if we always fought for the influence of...

  • My Blood Contains All Dimensions

    My Blood Contains All Dimensions

    In science, we learn about four primary dimensions: length, width, height, and time. Each dimension shows a different aspect of the product we're observing.What if we could use the concept of dimensions as an analogy to...

  • Flawed Theories Busted

    Flawed Theories Busted

    We live in a world of different languages, different cultures, and different ways of thinking. In trying to understand one another, communication can go haywire. Poor translations and ulterior motives can skew the meaning...

  • The Power of Words during the Passover Season

    The Power of Words during the Passover Season

    The season of Passover has a lot to teach us about words...but not just any words. Your words should be counted and thoughtful. For example, it's meaningful to talk about the miracles of the Exodus from Egypt during...

  • What Is Leading You?

    What Is Leading You?

    This uplifting and character-shaping study is a must-have for all! Ralph Messer delves into a study that will help you observe your life in a whole new way. You see, you have the ability to become the best YOU that you...

  • The Parallel of Words

    The Parallel of Words

    Have you ever heard the word homophone? How about a metaphor? An idiom? Alright, a simile? Circumlocution! I know—a parallel. Ok, ok! We'll stop using parallels to describe.....

  •  Learn a Little Bit about the Shabbat

    Learn a Little Bit about the Shabbat

    The Book of Genesis relates that God created the world in six days, and on the seventh day He rested. The Sages say that on the seventh day, God created "rest," for without rest, creativity is impossible.Shabbat is...

  • Living Your Maximum Potential

    Living Your Maximum Potential

    Studying truth births the recognition of error! In this three-part teaching, Ralph Messer gives you four keys to discerning the errors of your life. Error can impede you from moving forward and can even inhibit you...

  • You Can Be Restored!

    You Can Be Restored!

    You Can Be Restored! It's a new season in your life—one that YOU (yes you) can advance for the better every day. Did you know that you are faced with the opportunity of a lifetime? It's true! You can...