The Limiting Factors of Blame and Unforgiveness

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"As long as blame is present, self-sabotage is as well." 

Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself? Maybe you struggle with forgiving others. Ralph Messer believes that every person can find the path of healing in their lives! Like a surgeon, he walks through the definitions of unforgiveness and blame, the things that hold us back from change, growth, and an unlimited future. There's a reason why it can be hard to let go sometimes. If we become a detached observer, we can look at our lives as if we were in somebody else's shoes.

What inner needs do we need to meet? Who is keeping us hostage from ourselves? Forgiveness is all about change. It's not an overnight thing... it's a process. Most importantly, the choices we make in the process actually matter more than the outcome itself. Learn about techniques of forgiveness, the signature vibration of who you are, and get super encouraged that you don't have to be the one to give up on forgiveness. DON'T QUIT! Where is your life at today? Today, you can make a choice. Today, you're on the trading floor.
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