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  • The Silver Collection

    The Silver Collection

    Ralph Messer's Silver Collection Celebrating 25 years of transformative teachings, Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® proudly presents The Silver Collection!    This remarkable DVD collection of some of...

  • People Management (STBM Bundle)

    People Management (STBM Bundle)

    People Management: The Torah Way, Volume 1 Within each person that we encounter is a story. Within each person are events that precede the introduction into their lives. Within each person is an opportunity. Within each...

  • Bein Hametzarim: "Between the Straits" (STBM Bundle)

    Bein Hametzarim: "Between the Straits" (STBM Bundle)

    For the Jewish people, "the Three Weeks" starting on the 17th of Tammuz and ending on the 9th of Av are known as Bein Hametzarim, meaning "between the straits." So called in the Book of...

  • Reflecting Within (STBM Bundle)

    Reflecting Within (STBM Bundle)

    How does God see prayer? The Jewish culture knows that the sacred connection between man and God is more than a word; it's a fine-tuning of pure and correct actions. This reflection within has been laced throughout the...