The Bronze Collection

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Celebrating 27 years of life-changing teaching, Ralph Messer and Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® (STBM) present: The Bronze Collection, a sampling of some of the most requested teachings in the history of STBM. This amazing collection of work has been featured on local and national television networks. 
The Bronze Collection offers a well-rounded, foundational approach to understanding basic principles that will enhance your life and relationships. It includes full-length DVDs covering topics such as:
  • Youth programs featuring modern artists
  • Future impacts of current events
  • The significance of ancient holidays for today
  • The importance of study
Take a deep dive into motivational teachings that will give you the tools to build your confidence and make necessary changes to improve your life and your community. Hear young artists who have a message for every generation. Watch the programs that have grasped national attention. The Bronze Collection will inspire you to learn and grow!
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