Messer Reflections Bookmark: First Edition (Pack of 2)

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Bookmarks are important, I tell you. How so? You see, friend, they let as many readers as possible read the book (as many times as they possibly couldwith minimal damage. In short, bookmarks help books stay readable for longer. If you have STBM publications that you want to keep fresh-looking and spanning the life of your great-great-grandkids... then you'll definitely need a bookmark!

Oh ho ho—but not just any bookmark. That's right my friend, you need ( it goes...) an STBM BOOKMARK. (There, I said it!) "Why on earth would someone need an STBM Bookmark?" you ask. Well, to put it simply, bookmarks are something you keep, use, and see all the time. The content that you put in front of your eyes should MEAN something, it should have a purpose. (I mean, am I right—or am I right? Exactly!)

Presenting STBM's Messer Reflections Bookmark: First Edition. These unique bookmarks include uplifting and inspiring quotes that will give you something positive to think back on throughout your day. (And I'll let you in on a little secret: What's super cool about this product is that we are making limited editions for you to actually collect!) Once each new edition is made, the old one will be discontinued, so be sure to keep your stash updated with current editions, and keep checking back for new ones! Here are some more of my favorite features about this product:

  • It's printed on sturdy, smooth finish, laminated cardstock.
  • Attached is a matching tassel.
  • The design includes inspirational quotes by Ralph Messer.
  • This pack of two bookmarks includes two different colorful designs.
  • Measuring 2.5″ x 7″, this must-have is great for on-the-go readers, too!


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