Torah Media Directives

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The word "media" comes from the word "medium" which means: "to stand between," "to mediate," and "to interpret." Is it possible, then, that the media controls what YOU (the receiver) hear, think, and understand?

The influence of the media in our culture today stimulates our senses and delivers messages that are counter to the Word of God. With various forms of media so readily available and so easily accessible to us from little to no cost, sitting around and becoming influenced by radio, TV, or internet pulls at us more than we know. Could these things open our minds to create precepts and principles that are ungodly? It's more imperative than ever to make sure that the media we are using is communicating the right message.

In this teaching, Torah Media Directives by Ralph Messer, you will gain knowledge and insight on the airwaves of the media, the first media God created, and how we can get back to God's original intention for the media. It's time to take back the minds of our societies, families, children, and ourselves. It's time to take back the media.

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