People Management: The Torah Way, Vol. 1

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Within each person that we encounter is a story. Within each person are events that precede the introduction into their lives. Within each person is an opportunity. Within each person is an influence. Each of us contain qualities and character traits that have the potential to be a strength and a weakness. Ralph Messer explores four personality types in Volume One of People Management.

  • The Maverick
  • The Pleaser
  • The Keeper
  • The Challenger

Each of these personalities—and the story and events that surround them—affect how instruction is given and received, the type of leadership that they will most likely exhibit, and the influence that they can have on and in a business, organization, or one’s personal life. How do we identify which type fits us best, and how do we influence each of these personality types? Learn the answers to these questions by seeking to understand the powerful influence of words and how certain words used in certain ways can draw people to you or repel them.

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