Gold Bugs vs. Cyber Hornets

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Which monetary system is better for your investments and for your financial future: gold or cryptocurrency, which is a type of digital currency? Learn the pros and the cons of each in this fascinating three-part series by Ralph Messer.

"Gold Bugs" say the world’s most precious metal is a time-tested defense against the perils of inflation, the devaluation of currencies, and sharp equity downturns. Cryptocurrency is just too volatile!

Not so fast, say the "Cyber Hornets", the defenders of cryptocurrency! Not everyone can own gold; it’s a limited resource. In the same way we’ve digitized photos, videos, and music, when we digitize our money, more assets will go to more people... billions as a matter of fact.

Drawing from his professional accounting and finance background, Ralph Messer carefully unpacks such topics as risk factors, historical performance, and market forces in this great debate to determine the better monetary system. Whether you join team Gold Bugs or team Cyber Hornets, or just stay neutral, you’ll gain a better understanding of sound money policies for your future. See you in the study!
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