Bitcoin vs. Gold in Today’s World

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Welcome to the 20th century! With technology booming, new forms of currency are on the rise. There are digital currencies, crypto currencies, meta currencies, and more. So, how do we become educated on these new forms of money exchange? That's a great question and one that Ralph Messer is equipped to ask in Bitcoin vs. Gold in Today's World

Today's history lesson begins with the start of world trade. From the exchange of everyday necessities to the exchange of gold and silver, from the creation of fiat currency and paper money to credit and debit cards, from centralized banking systems to decentralized banking systems, from digital bank transfers to modern cryptocurrency exchange, Ralph Messer goes into it all! 

Featuring guest speakers from the crypto industry and the gold industry, Ralph Messer is looking to educate everyone on the importance of studying the world's history of exchange and present the benefits and downfalls of each category. His hope is to spark your interest to begin researching on your own! What is bitcoin? What is gold? There's a hot dialogue that goes on from both perspectives, and Ralph Messer is prepared to interview both sides. Let's get into it!
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