Esther: The Courageous Queen of Persia

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As a lonely orphaned girl, Esther started out with a rough life. Yet, something separated her from those in her midst. What was it that made her so courageous and full of inner strength?

While excited children decide on costumes, and mothers bake hamantaschen, the end of this memorable story is the talk during the Purim season. Yet, the beginning of this story is just as important as the end. Esther's humble beginnings and the enormous challenges she had faced along the way helped form her into the young woman full of inner beauty who would one day be chosen as queen. Refusing to allow any negative circumstances in life to become the "platform" she would stand on, Esther decided that she would never let the questionable results of the past, or the fear of the future, dictate the decisions she knew she would have to make.

This teaching walks through the incredible life of Esther, displaying how even though what she experienced could have caused her to be bitter, she instead embraced the situation she had been put in, and maximized her opportunities. Eventually, the brave character within her led her to become Esther: The Courageous Queen of Persia
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