Chanukah: Then & Now

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In the second century BCE, the Syrian-Greeks, led by Antiochus IV Epiphanes, ransacked and desecrated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Shabbat, circumcision, Torah study, and adherence to kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) were all outlawed. In an act of heroism and faith, Judah Maccabee and his brothers rose up and led a successful revolt against the Syrian-Greek army, enabling them to reclaim and rededicate the Holy Temple to the service of God. This small band of Maccabees determined to battle the most powerful army in the world—and they won. Their faith and courage went beyond normal human nature.

The story of Chanukah teaches the timeless message that no matter what adversity comes against you, you can stand up for what is right. Whatever obstacles you and your family may be facing in this present day, you can persevere and overcome. You do not have to resign yourself to darkness.
(4 Part Teaching Series)
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