2023 Nebraska Conference

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The unforgettable lessons that were taught in this STBM conference would be a great addition to your collection. Why? Because of the legacy captured within them. Let's take a look at a few of the topics that were studied:
  • The Change and Culture of Generations
  • Three Levels of Messengers
  • From Disembodied to Whole
  • A Triggering of Events
  • A Glance at the Hebrew Word: "Life"
  • Debunking Mythology: Satyrs, Greek Theories, Fallen Icons, and More
  • Becoming Ready for a Change
  • Command vs Plan
  • The Battle Between Life and Death
  • Lessons for Today from the Lives of David and Goliath
We'll see you next time when we return to study at another outstanding STBM conference!

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