2022 Nebraska Conference

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Nearly every commercial plane in the world contains what is called a "black box," or in more modern terms, a "flight recorder."

"What does the flight recorder do?" you may ask. It preserves the history of each flight that the plane takes. If you had a black box that was recording every second of your life, what would it show you? Buckle up and get ready for one of the most historical out-of-state conferences that Ralph Messer has ever done!

Breaking everything down into five categories, the 2022 Nebraska Conference is a foundational study for learning more about the potential of your innermost being. Every second is a chance to develop your character—through your body, through your predetermined path in life, through your inner being, through the good deeds you do for others, and through the unity of functioning within your community. These five things are special aspects of who you are and who you'll become! Get encouraged about your future as the real you springs out like a well from inside!
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