2023 Fall Conference

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Presenting STBM's 2023 Fall Conference! Become a part of all the teachings that made history in the world of STBM during the 2023 fall season with our community from around the globe. Let's recap a few topics that were covered in these sessions, shall we?

  • Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda: Special Guest Speaker
  • A Study of Israel's History: Then and Now
  • Special Guest Speakers from Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, India, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas
  • Returning to Your Point of Origin
  • What Is "Petition" in the Court?
  • Charity and the Root of Giving
  • A Look at the Biblical Fall Holidays
  • Self Improvement for Everyday Life and in the Workforce
  • How to Become Worth an Investment
  • Reflecting to Change
  • A Glance of Hebrew: Bereishith
  • How to Manage a Messy Mind
  • Parenting: The In's and Out's
  • Overcoming Disappointment: Learning How to Forgive
  • News Today
  • Commemoration of the Spanish Inquisition
Thank you for joining us in these important and meaningful studies. We hope you enjoy learning and growing and that you save these memories to share with your family and generations coming after you. Farewell for now! We'll see you next time when we return to study at another outstanding STBM conference!

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