Trading at the Gates: Make Gains by Trading

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A gate is designed to clearly define and protect the entrance and exit of a boundary or territory. Gatekeepers are tasked with the responsibility of securing, while keeping vigilant watch over the access and restriction of entry to and through the gate.





Whether or not we realize or recognize it, these are all types of currency that we use every single day that can be exchanged for something else. They can act as gateways leading into or leading out of specific points. What we choose to trade starts at the gate of our mind and heart, the effects being incredibly positive... or painfully detrimental. In this dynamic teaching series, Trading at the Gates, you'll be amazed and awed at the discovery of how nothing we say, do, or think is "simple" or "trivial"—there is always a choice. As gatekeepers, we must decide if what we're Trading at the Gates is worth the cost. The choice is yours.

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