Some Trades Are Final

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Desiring fame and fortune? Tempted by convenience and an easy way to reach your goals? Watch out! A get-rich scheme can lead to poverty. Wrong associations can confuse your thinking. Every trade you make has consequences, and some trades are alarmingly final!

People looking for easy fixes can unwittingly trade away the best part of their life, be it health, marriages, or other relationships. Decisions made in the moment can also affect future generations. Has life been a struggle for you? Does it seem like you can never get ahead? Do you feel like you go from one crisis to the next? Were you tricked into trading away a happy future for some immediate pleasure? Or did someone in your past make a trade that has you reeling from its consequences?

Learn the motivators behind trading, and learn strategies to avoid exchanging the good for the bad in this fascinating message by one of STBM’s most popular guest speakers. Take heart. There is one final trade that truly can turn your life around for the better.

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