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This next step up from recipe cards will have you on the edge of your seat, taking notes! What's so great about the STBM Notebook? Its custom layout has been designed specifically for those who enjoy bullet pointing key phrases and life-changing sentences from every RRM teaching and study! It includes 75 pages of functional features, such as lined sections for traditional note-taking, separated sections for when you just need a line down the center of your paper, and blank boxes to accommodate other key notes and phrases throughout the teaching. The STBM Notebook is something that's not only beneficial for in-depth study and easy recollection, but it also promotes continual repetition and accelerated writing skills. What better way to have the best features of any notebook than to have it all within one perfectly spiral-bound compilation of page-turning excitement! Get an STBM Notebook today and experience the most out of every message.

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