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Can you actually learn how to learn? 

Never believe that you are unable to learn. Why? It's simpleYou do have the ability to focus, you do have the ability to learn, and anyone can learn how to learn. You're as intelligent as you want to be. So what are the beginning steps of learning how to take notes? Good question, students! It starts with building your brain. To learn anything new, you must first lay the foundation with these five steps. 

Step One...

1. Focus 
2. Reflect and Analyze
3. Write
4. Recheck
5. Reteach

Now that you've focused on a study, now that you've reflected and analyzed how it applies to you, it's time to write and recheck what you've learned in order to reteach the study to someone else. So, let's open our books and start at the top.

STBM Kids Notebook features:

• A notebook guide that helps kids learn how to take notes
• Original colors, emojis, and pictures to help spark the memory
• Columns and spaces for writing concepts and Scripture references
• 6 x 9 inches
• 100 sheets
• Great for ages 6-12

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