Learning the Process of Wealth, Vol. 4

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What is one thing that has to do with the process of wealth? Change. It's something in life that is absolutely certain. There's change that happens around us and there's change that happens to us. Regardless of which one it is, change transports the present into the future and demands a response. That response is usually further change that is required of us, which doesn't always feel comfortable or familiar; yet what you won't deal with now, you'll be forced to deal with later.

In the fourth volume of Learning the Process of Wealth, Ralph Messer goes through the importance and significance of time in relation to change. The simple yet profound establishment of daily routines can unlock doors to positive and productive change. Learning how you spend your time will hold the key to the future and help you realize that how you respect your time and the time of others is what really sets in motion a healthy amount of expectation and results. 

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