Learning the Process of Wealth, Vol. 3

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Volume Three of Learning the Process of Wealth, is a dynamic, three-part teaching that examines distinct areas of influence pertaining to wealth: creation, connections, and genetics.

Creation: If the ancient language of Hebrew has created the universe, and every Hebrew letter has a numerical equivalent, then could it be possible that currency was built within the structure of creation? Learn about the seasons nestled within creation—the seasons of change and the wealth it contains.
Connections: What do a person and his presence have to do with change and time in the area of wealth? Connections. Proper relationships will immediately start improving your entire life. They lead you to transactions—transactions that will lead you to wealth.
Genetics: It is vital to maintain a strong genetic influence. Is there a reason for this? Yes. Moving away from your strong gene pool is, in reality, stepping away from your wealth. What is a strong gene pool? Is wealth determined by what is already in your blood—or do you choose what your gene pool is? 

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