Israel Tour 2017

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Israel. This beautiful location nestled on the Mediterranean Sea will offer you so much of its big heart. The ancient streets will tell you stories of their history when you close your eyes and breathe it in. What will you find? It’s something that inspires, motivates, and captivates your very being. The passion of Israel and the people within will transport your very thoughts into an atmosphere like none other. What is it that makes this Land so special, and how can you get educated through its lively culture?

Throughout his tour in Israel, Ralph Messer displays the importance of the Land, the people, and the Scriptures pertaining to the culture. Watch and listen as he goes on a spectacular journey during the Israel Tour 2017 fall trip, visiting five major bodies of water and witnessing important sites, all while teaching with stimulus and significance. This is definitely a trip to remember! Get inspired and start planning to come with us next time, as Ralph Messer and Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® tour the Land of Israel. 

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