From Frozen to Fluid: Seven Principles to Retrain Your Brain

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In this teaching, Ralph Messer aims to help you retrain your brain. You can actually move from FEAR to FAITH and from FROZEN to FLUID! Ready to begin? Let's go!

All of us know that there is a very significant difference between today's American culture and the customs, languages, and modern-day happenings of other countries around the globe. How much greater difference is the disparity between the 21st century America and the pages of global history from long ago? Has this affected the ideas, theories, and ideologies that are subconsciously a part of our thoughts today? Some of the most ancient principles can be beneficial to help you retrain your brain so you can determine what is true! Let Ralph Messer close the gap for you as he lists seven important principles you can use every day. See you inside!
(Available in DVD format only)
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