Daughters: How to Raise a Princess

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A father’s purpose in his daughter’s life is to raise her to become a princess! No matter where you are at in your relationship with your daughters, you can learn how to repair ties, enhance connections, and make beautiful moments in the lives of each of your girls—you can learn how to nurture the precious gifts that God has entrusted to you; it's not too late! Even if things did not start out right, they always have an opportunity to end up right; so don't let your beautiful flowers wither away from having that special place in your life.

Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® presents Daughters: How to Raise a Princess by a special guest speaker who is one of Ralph Messer's very own daughters! Being a successful business woman, a loving mother with daughters of her own, a beautiful wife, a caring aunt, and a valuable daughter to the Messer family, she is passionate in her study to share firsthand experiences of what it means to be a daughter.

You have the opportunity to become the parent that makes a difference in the world of your little princesses. Join STBM in this big-hearted study!

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