Change Your Brain: Don't Let Unforgiveness Grow

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Let's start off with a funny story. It will relax you and get you primed for learning.

There once was a group of scientists who decided to approach God in a challenge. They said, "We don't need You anymore, we can make man ourselves." God said, "Oh really? Okay, let's have a competition." So the first scientist said, "Sure!" and he leaned down to pick up the dirt from the earth. God stopped him, "Nuh-uh, you've gotta get your own dirt."

Science is simply a description of God's creation. Don't be put off and think, "Well, I don't understand science so I won't understand this teaching." No. Always remember that you are so brilliant! What we're going to be talking about today is how to renew our minds. What does that mean? Well, you see, every thing that happened in your life started with a thought. Could it be that the forty thoughts you are formulating in your non-conscious mind every second are affecting any unforgiveness in your life? It's time to change that. Change Your Brain: Don't Let Unforgiveness Grow.
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