2024 Colorado Spring Conference with STBM: Passover Experience

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Were you there for the 2024 Colorado Spring Conference with STBM: Passover Experience? Whether you attended the sessions live, joined us online through the live stream, or even if you're here to catch it all in action for the first time, we invite you to pick up a copy of this very special conference to keep in your possession! Ralph Messer invited a prominent doctor from Detroit, Michigan, to help explain the ins and outs of keeping the neurons sharp in a mind of any age. He also invited a well-loved doctor from Chicago, Illinois, for the first time since he fell seriously ill, a year prior. The doctor's report included a miracle story and shares the news that he is on the road to recovery. Finally, two students introduce each segment with an incredible narrative by Ralph Messer himself—setting apart this conference from any other. Review the topics and then say no more... let's jump into it!
  • A Study of the Exodus
  • Alphabet Basics: The Origin of a Word
  • Refusing the Brainwashing Narrative (featuring a first-time guest doctor from Detroit, Michigan)
  • Hippocampus Reset: From Attack on Memory to Creativity
  • Work Hard—Find a Surprise!
  • Words Are Seeds
  • Overcoming COVID-19: Conquering the Human Mind
  • Never Forget What God Can Do for You (featuring a returning guest doctor from Chicago, Illinois)
  • A Study of the Prophets: From How the Era Ended to Where We Are Today
  • Re-Evaluating Our Use of Time: What a Dying Person Would Do for Just One More Hour

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