2020 Fall Conference (Everyday Investment Is Key)

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The embodiment of a leader is not just a word or even a phrase. When you get to that turning point in life where you have to decide if this is something that you really want to embody, day in and day out, that mindset right there is when the average person puts on the mind of a leader. This 2020 Fall Conference teaching will help you get to that point. It'll show you what it takes to live like a leader. It'll give you the tools to say, "I can do this. There might be struggles that I face while I'm on the journey, but I know exactly what I can rely on to take me all the way." There's so much that could be said now, but if there was just one thing that Ralph Messer and STBM could share to prepare you for what happened at the 2020 Fall Conference... 

Let's just say that Everyday Investment Is Key.

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