2018 Spring Leadership Conference: Empowering Leadership Through Character

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Ralph Messer invites you to join STBM in our 2018 Spring Leadership Conference! Whether you were there in person and want to be refreshed on the memorable events, or you didn't get a chance to come but still want to experience a set of teachings like none other, this product is for you!

Ralph Messer's goal in this conference is to begin taking you through the process of reaching an advanced level of leadership, developing positive social relationships, and impacting the culture, society, and way of life. The theme of this electrifying conference will give you foundational insight as to what leadership looks like through a biblical perspective, as well as a user-friendly perspective that is achievable for those new to leadership and even for the experienced folks. We can't wait to have you come along in this exciting three-day training seminar; we're looking forward to studying with you inside! 
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