2011 Fall Leadership Conference (Learn a Little Bit about Israel)

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Have you ever been to Israel? There's something specially set apart, something intrinsically elevated, something soulfully touching about the Land. Although nearly beyond words to describe, one can say that the magic of the locations, the passion of the people, and the heart of the culture seem to pour a bit of light into every person who takes a moment to study its beauty from the inside out.

Ralph Messer would like to take you on a little journey to show you a bit of the Land of Israel. Throughout the three inspiring days of the 2011 Fall Leadership Conference, you'll be introduced to the vast history of Israel, the culture of the people, and how this small country is touching the world today. If you'd like to take part in a meaningful conference, we welcome you to STBM's 2011 Fall Leadership Conference (Learn a Little Bit about Israel)!

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