Unlearning Historical Misconceptions about the Bible

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For centuries we've been taught a certain way about what the Bible should represent to us, but that doesn't mean it's the only way we have look at it.

These compiled writings are the most ancient and preserved text the human race has possession of today, containing multiple layers to every topic, word, and letter. Could thousands of years involving new translations and different theories that comment on the intention behind the words have slightly altered how it was originally meant to be interpreted? Ralph Messer challenges America's assimilated beliefs about the Bible, while showing what the context would have looked like more accurately according to the customs and lifestyle of ancient Israel and the surrounding cities during that time. Connecting the “default mode network” with the “task-positive network” will help you tie everything together as Ralph Messer helps you stretch between three important sections of principle. Will you be reactive or proactive when you learn the truth about this globally familiar historical context?
Discover what you've never been taught in this STBM teaching: Unlearning Historical Misconceptions about the Bible

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