The Parallel of Words

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Have you ever heard the word homophone? How about a metaphor? An idiom? Alright, a simileCircumlocution! I know—a parallel. Ok, ok! We'll stop using parallels to describe... parallels.Chances are, if there's anything you know well, it's probably words. You've been using them for as long as you can remember. Right? Of course!

Picture this with me: you say something one way and it gets you a frown or two. You know that the instant it leaves your mouth, you could've been more selective with your words. You rush to change "I don't like this at all" to "This has great potential!" You're essentially saying the same thing, but instead of turning someone away with no hope, you turn them away with a determination to try harder next time for a better outcome. Got the picture? Now, drag and drop that as a parallel into this study!

Interested? Come along as Ralph Messer gives a brand new definition to a concept of a word that has been used for centuries. Let's go!
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