The Danger of Global Psychology

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Thoughts. Feelings. What you "think" about certain feelings... How you "feel" about certain thoughts… The feeling behind the thoughts that cause the feelings...

The analysis and understanding of thoughts and feelings in and of itself can be healthy, fruitful, and enhance one's quality of life mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. But overanalysis can breed into an intimidating and dangerous rebellion that usurps authority and morality—all under the shroud of compassion and understanding. Psychology has made groundbreaking developments, unlocked mysteries of the mind, and provided a healthful, and even sometimes lively, platform of communication on topics that were once labeled “off-limits," "undistinguished," "incurable," or "taboo." When did psychology become a type of totalitarian authority over what is and is not acceptable? And how did this influence manage to reach cross-culturally into a global arena? Learn how in Ralph Messer's teaching, The Danger of Global Psychology.

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