Straight Talk to Women

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In a remarkable multi-part series, our beloved STBM guest speaker is back at it again, presenting her essential study to women around the world. What is God's plan for this beauty in the making? It is one that is unique and special. A woman has been designed to be fruitful and to multiply in every area of her life; she possesses discernment, and is the muse to her husband’s dreams. Whether single or married, a daughter or granddaughter, a sister, niece, mother, or grandmother—each woman’s role is charged with responsibilities. You are not a "woman in a man's world"; you were created to enhance God's world and everyone around you! Get a refreshing word and practical advice, revealing the intimate design God has for all women. It's time for a pep talk. It's time for Straight Talk to Women!

(Available in CD format only.)

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