RRM™ Prime Time Subscription

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The RRM™ Prime Time Subscription is hands down our MOST popular subscription, and has everything you could ask for! With our newest updated feature, you won’t want to pass up this offer. 

Not only can you have four amazing Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® channels to watch anytime and anywhere, but you can also get a rebroadcast of both of the Saturday services, plus the Monday Night teachings, and Thursday live streams for an entire week after they’ve been taught! 
After all this, what could possibly be better? How about being able to get all of this for only a dollar a day! Have access to the incredible RRM™ Prime Time Subscription for $30 a month, and watch the newest services and channels whenever and wherever. If you’re already signed up for the RRM™ Classic DVD Subscription or the RRM™ Classic CD Subscription, the RRM™ Prime Time Subscription is only an additional $15 a month. (Trust us, it’s definitely worth the upgrade.)
After you have purchased your RRM™ Subscription by selecting the "Order" button below, sign up at www.onlinetorahschool.com to create an account, or log in to your current one, and get access within 24 business hours. 
(Please note: All subscriptions are a recurring monthly charge and require a credit/debit card or EFT on file.)
For more information about this product or to order via phone, please contact us at 1-866-867-2488.