Re-Establishing Boundaries: Examining the Seen and Unseen Realms of Your Life

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In a democracy, rules, laws, and lines of authority are negotiable and even decided by a popular vote. In a kingdom, decrees, principles, and instructions are not negotiated and boundary markers may not be moved. In much of the same way, each person contains a seen and unseen realm within their own lives. Some people choose to negotiate with inner rules; others follow personal guidelines that will forever be unchanged.

Is the "seen" realm of your past still poisoning the "unseen" realm of your future? Are you walking within the boundary markers of God's path for your life? Living should be a reflection of redemption and restoration of that which comes from within. Every positive action you grab onto can lead you to a better future. You have the ability to return to your true identity. You can re-establish the boundaries within!

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