My Blood Contains All Dimensions

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In science, we learn about four primary dimensions: length, width, height, and time. Each dimension shows a different aspect of the product we're observing.

What if we could use the concept of dimensions as an analogy to reflect on our own lives? We have generations that were before our time, generations that will be after our time, the life we're living now, and the big timeline of how everyone's lives connect and affect each other. There's a different aspect, a different dimension, to every generation. You see, our blood contains dimensions of who we are and how we came to be. In the dimension of generations that you're living in, what is your DNA doing? 

No matter how disheveled your past or present may be, you can repair your world by walking an intentional life in your own personal dimension of generations! The higher you strive to climb your DNA ladder of potential, the higher the stepping stone you'll be for those who come after you to take that potential and make it even greater. Take out those notepads and pens... it's time to head into the world of dimensions!
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