Hebrew: The Ancient Treaty Language

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Do you ever wonder why some words have more power than others? For example, the conversation you had over coffee doesn’t seem to matter as much as the words spoken by the judge in a courtroom. Do you ever wonder if the petitions you brought before the Throne of God were heard or ignored? Biblically there are certain times to bring your prayers, and certain words to use at those times to gain the full attention of the Heavenly Court.

Ralph Messer explores this topic as he takes us back in time to the Ancient Treaty Language of the Bible to explain that which is difficult to detect when written in English. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew—in the language and culture of Israel. Accessing Ancient Treaty Language will help you discover hidden layers of meaning in the Scriptures that have been waiting for you all along. The next time you need Heaven to act on your behalf, you need Hebrew: The Ancient Treaty Language!

(4-Part Teaching Set)

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