Handmade Shofar Bags (Small, Medium, or Large)

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Featured in small (9" x 15"), medium (12" x 32"), and large (12" x 45") sizes, this handcrafted beauty is, without a doubt, something breathtaking to behold. Showcasing a rich velvet exterior and a double-lined silk interior, the bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap to allow for the ability to make a unique pop of owner customization with every product. A lovely gold embroidered touch is nestled on the front and back sides of the bag. The medium and large sizes even include extra padding at the bottom of the bag to reduce the amount of wear the shofar goes through during transportation. Does the excellence stop there? Certainly not! Inside of the bag, Ralph Messer has included a special surprise just for you. What you are receiving in this purchase is just incredible if you ask us!

Finally, Ralph Messer would like to share a message with all of his distinguished customers. This product is being sold in order to raise funds for launching children's curriculum in brand new STBM centers. When you purchase this product, you can be confident in knowing that the proceeds will be donated to the very special cause of making ICTS™ for Kids classes, nationwide. Give back to the children in your community and receive this quality gift as a thank you from Ralph Messer and everyone here at Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® for your exquisite generosity. We are forever grateful for your giving heart!
(Shofar not included. To purchase a shofar separately, please call our sales team at 303-627-5543.)
For more information about this product or to order via phone, please contact us at 1-866-867-2488.