Genesis - Parashah Portions Teacher Book (STBM Bundle) (Ages 1-5)

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How to use this book:

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or intend to use these books in a classroom setting, this biblical study children's curriculum was written with flexibility in mind. Each Torah portion (Parashah) has been designed to present a multi-sensory approach for children, ages 1-5. 

On the first page of every lesson you will find:
  • A key verse and idea in each lesson
  • A lesson overview (containing a brief description of the activities and story)
  • A "Materials Needed" box (for the teacher or parent to gather the items that will be needed for the lesson activities)
  • A "Teacher Preparation" box
The lessons are structured in a classroom setting with a group scheduling format. Including highlighted and guided teacher aids, fun sing-along songs, cute poems, finger plays, student activity pages, and educational story cards, your little ones will discover how exciting LEARNING really is! Get encouraged to develop your young ones in a world of study—get this Parashah Portions Teacher Book bundle by STBM!
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