Family Systems

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Family Systems is a timely teaching for every generation. Ralph Messer takes a look at healthy family structures, dysfunctional family structures, and biblical family structures. 

Part 1 - The Family Dance

How is your childhood structure affecting your relationships today? Was your upbringing rigid or fluid? Was it stagnant or constantly changing? Are you still carrying the "luggage" that your upbringing packed for you? Today's struggles are often rooted in the past. The music you insist on listening to and the rhythm that controls your steps may only be the echo of The Family Dance. 

Part 2 - The Changing of the Guard

Has social media sabotaged the skill of personal connection? The "now" factor of communication seems to be of much greater value to the younger generation than layers of repetition—seeming to quickly bore them. Is there a way to get your point across? Scripture tells us that right words deliver and bring healing. Learn to use these "right words" and communicate with the younger generation when you watch The Changing of the Guard.

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