Deuteronomy - Parashah Portions (STBM Bundle) (Ages 6-9)

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Whether you are a homeschooling parent or intend to use these books in a classroom setting, this biblical study children's curriculum was written with flexibility in mind. Each Torah portion (Parashah) has been divided into daily readings with questions to review. 

Every child learns differently and that's okay! Maybe one likes to read, yet the other would rather listen. Maybe one likes vibrant colors and pictures, but the other prefers the black and white of things. The good news is: There is no "one way" to learn! With this in mind, here are some of the ways this curriculum can be used to fit the style of how your children learn best:
  • Read daily Scripture out loud to your students.
  • Read aloud back and forth to each other.
  • Answer questions orally as a group.
  • Answer questions by writing in the workbook.
  • Read and answer questions independently as homework to be looked over later by a parent or teacher.

In addition to each of the daily readings and questions, there are more activities that will help grow your students through biblical study and learning.

Hide It in Your Heart Memory Verse
A Scripture verse from the Psalms or Proverbs has been added in to help students make connections in the Parashah. This book includes 54 verses to commit to memory throughout the year, accomplished through simple and easy repetitions.

Flash Forward
A short passage from the Haftarah is also included to match each day's reading. After reading the Scripture and answering a corresponding question, the teacher will then have an open discussion with the students about how these verses link to the Torah portion.

Apply It to Your Life (Optional Activities)
These ideas and suggestions are meant to bring a "hands-on" aspect to your child's study. Giving you the flexibility to make these optional or a necessity depending on the day or week, these extracurricular projects are especially helpful for children who thrive from multisensory learning. Included are ideas for cooking, service to others, arts, crafts, a graphic novel project, and much more!

This student and teacher kit includes:

Weekly Study Guide
  • Engaging daily questions and activities
  • Pages to write answers on or take notes in

Review and Test Booklet
  • Fun quizzes and checkpoints for students

Teacher Key
  • Answers to the student's Review and Test Booklet

Ideal for ages 6-9
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