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Hey! Do your kids love having fun? Now they can do just that while growing their brains, when they experience STBM's new and exciting flash cards! These intriguing tools introduce the building blocks of the Hebrew language through vibrant visual graphics, phonetic pronunciation, and Hebrew and English equivalents. Your little ones will love the enjoyment, and you'll love the education! With two separate beginning versions to cater to level one and level two learners, you can get a variety of different foundational flash cards for a variety of different ages. 

The Alef Beit Flash Cards for children ages 1-5 include:
  • The entire Hebrew alef beit in block print
  • Hebrew cardinal numbers from 1-12
  • Six different animals
  • And six different fruits

With our Alef Beit Flash Cards for children ages 6-9, your elementary-aged children will learn:
  • The entire Hebrew alef beit in cursive
  • The numerical value of each letter
  • Thirteen vowel markings with their names and English equivalents
  • And twelve different parts of the human body

The Alef Beit Flash Cards for Adults:
What's another great thing about the Alef Beit Flash Cards? You now have the option to order the adult version! Don't let age prevent you from learning and growing everyday. Stay on course and connected by studying with the whole family, or even on your own. Who says adults can't have a little learning fun, too?
If you want to start simple in getting accustomed to the Hebrew language, order Simchat Torah Beit Midrash®'s Alef Beit Flash Cards today. Let's make learning fun again!

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