A Study of Opposing Views during the First Century

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Welcome back to another revolutionary teaching with Simchat Torah Beit Midrash®! 

Let's start by doing a writing exercise. Are you ready? Great! Take out your notebook and make three columns on the first page. Got it? (That's a line, a column, and a line.) Here we go! It all started with a study just like this one...

The stage has been set and the study books are out! Ralph Messer will take you into a research of what the Jewish culture looked like during the first century. Not only does he cover a bit of history on how it came about, but he also reviews other world views that conflicted with this understanding in the surrounding areas during the same time period. What's the big idea for having the three columns? Well, we're glad you asked. You see, it'll lay a foundation that will propel the education in your mind through this constructing series! It's time to hit PLAY on the teaching—we'll see you inside!
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