A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Wisdom

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Where does one start when trying to understand wisdom? How about at the very beginning! In A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Wisdom, you will study the simple basics to learning a matter with many layers.

The first disc in this revolutionary teaching will give you a foundational structure that starts with the definitions connected to what a teacher of wisdom looks like, the instruction a teacher of wisdom gives, and the guiding hand a teacher of wisdom points the way with. 

When should wisdom be taught? Part two shows you the next layer of understanding, displaying the points in life when wisdom can be given to a student. Why is this necessary? Ralph Messer will give you the key to this discovery and more—at just the right time. 

Leaving you in suspense, the final part of this teaching will take you behind the scenes into the subconscious mind. What is the pattern of understanding in our brains? It starts with habits and repetition. Key elements of proof for debunking popular theories are vital for replacing old habits and will be taught to you through straightforward, comprehendible presentations. It's all laid out from the beginning. Study A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Wisdom and get a whirlwind of wisdom headed your way—one teaching after the next!

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