STBM’s Favorite Teachings of the Year 2023-2024 Wall Calendar

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Ralph Messer has put together sixteen of his favorite teachings for you to enjoy throughout the year. This calendar is one you will love to have! What's the best part? You can actually access all sixteen full, brand-new, and even some never-before-released teachings from this calendar! On each month's page, simply scan the QR code with the camera on your smartphone to jump into an exciting and meaningful zone of study. We hope you enjoy this special package and continue to learn with us all throughout the year with STBM’s Favorite Teachings of the Year 2023-2024 Wall Calendar

Features of the STBM’s Favorite Teachings of the Year Calendar and Study Guide:
  • Includes a summary highlight of each teaching and QR code
  • Contains a downloadable STBM events calendar
  • Highlights snippets of new STBM products available for purchase
  • Exhibits a brand-new, colorful layout
  • Has 16 months of Torah portion Scripture readings
  • Gives an explanation of the biblical holidays with Scripture references
  • Displays the Ten Commandments
  • Includes the 613 Principles
  • Provides a convenient cut-out of the Torah portion readings and biblical holidays
  • ...And so much more!
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