Tour Israel 2022-2023 Wall Calendar

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DID YOU KNOW... Israel has over 8,000 licensed tour guides (and counting)? It's true! This serene calendar is a great focal point to encourage you to hopefully one day take a tour of Israel! Fun fact: As of 2020, Israel has 56,000 tourist hotel rooms! Share a little blessing with Israel and get inspired to tour the Land!

Highlights of the Tour Israel 2022-2023 Wall Calendar and Study Guide:

  • Includes peaceful pictures of Israel taken on STBM Israel Tours
  • Contains a downloadable STBM events calendar
  • Highlights snippets of new STBM products available for purchase
  • Exhibits a brand-new, colorful layout
  • Has 16 months of Torah portion Scripture readings
  • Gives an explanation of the biblical holidays with Scripture references
  • Displays the Ten Commandments
  • Includes the 613 Principles
  • Provides a convenient tear-out of the Torah portion readings and biblical holidays
  • ...And so much more!

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