STBM Kids 2022-2023 Wall Calendar

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Ralph Messer is proud to announce the release of our very first STBM Kids 2022-2023 Wall Calendar! Unlike any other STBM calendar, this product includes a brand-new layout, as well as exciting graphics that come straight from the ICTS™ for Kids curriculum! FUN FACT: On each of these graphics, there is a Quick Response code (QR code) that will give you a sneak peek of an all-original ICTS™ for Kids storybook. Simply open your smart phone camera, hold it over the code, and click the link that pops up to open each story. It's that easy! Could the specs get any better? Yes, they can! For the first time in STBM history, this calendar has a unique feature which will allow you to download the events from the calendar into your phone so that you'll have it with you wherever you go. Now that is definitely worth the purchase! Plus, if you buy two calendars today, you can get a third one for $9.99Well... what are you waiting for?

Highlights of the STBM Kids 2022-2023 Wall Calendar and Study Guide:

  • Perfect for kids, families, or adults of any age
  • Includes ICTS™ for Kids graphics
  • Features 16 QR codes leading to ICTS™ for Kids storybooks
  • Contains a downloadable STBM events calendar
  • Highlights snippets of new STBM products available for purchase
  • Exhibits a brand-new, colorful layout
  • Has 16 months of Torah portion Scripture readings
  • Gives an explanation of the biblical holidays with Scripture references
  • Displays the Ten Commandments
  • Includes the 613 Principles
  • Provides a convenient tear-out of the Torah portion readings and biblical holidays
  • ...And so much more!
For more information about this product or to order via phone, please contact us at 1-866-867-2488.

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