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Traditional Aramaic Ketubah Text with English (the English is not a translation of the Aramaic)

On the ______ day of the week, the ____ day of ____, in the year ____, corresponding to the ____day of ____, in the year ____, in ______, the groom, _____, son of _____, and the bride, _____, daughter of _____, joined each other before family and friends to enter into the holy covenant of marriage, and with love and compassion each vowed to the other: "Today I love you completely, as I did yesterday and as I will tomorrow. I will be there for you when you need me most. I will hold you in my heart just as I hold you in my arms. I will share in your dreams, delight in your joys, and comfort you in your sorrows. I will be your confidant, your counsel, your friend, and your lover. When you are not within my sight, you will be within my thoughts. You are my life; you are my dreams; you are my joy; you are my love; you are my everything. At this moment you are all that I know and all that I see. As we grow old together and our love matures, may we hold on to the passion and the affection for each other we feel today. Our commitment to each other seals this document.”

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