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TBN Presents: Hebrew Prayer DVD Series

TBN Presents: Hebrew Prayer DVD Series

Live from the Trinity Broadcasting Network studios, Rabbi Ralph Messer teaches on the Patterns and Principles of Hebrew Prayer. Learn to pray what Jesus prayed, when Jesus prayed, and how He prayed. The very words used during the ministry and times of Jesus come alive within the context Hebrew Prayer.

Part 1: The Feast Days of the Hebrew Calendar - Hear a vivid description of the Biblical Spring Feasts, including the Passover, First Fruits, and the Feast of Pentecost. From the Passover table to the Upper Room - the focus was Hebrew Prayer.

Part 2: The Mikveh: Prayer and Repentance - Immerse yourself in the Mikveh, a prayer and repentance service. Understand the force of generational curses and the deliverance of Jesus that is yours through Hebrew Prayer.

Part 3: Shemoneh Esrei - The Amidah - The Ancient Hebrew Prayer of Jesus and the Disciples. The language, focus, and purpose of prophecy and prayer highlighted with an actual Hebrew wedding between a Jewish man and his non-Jewish bride.

It's a dynamic 3-part series filled with demonstrations and visual enhancements to illustrate the Purpose, Position, Patterns and Principles of Hebrew Prayer.

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