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Kingdom of God, vol 1 DVD Series

Kingdom of God, vol 1 DVD Series

The Kingdom of God
The Imperial Kingdom

Western democracy, history, and culture war against your understanding of the Scriptures! The Bible is based on Kingdom culture, yet this mindset can be foreign to 21st century American thought.

Rabbi Ralph Messer reveals the Priesthood of Melchizedek, the Kingly line of David, and shows you 13 basic steps to the Kingdom of God, an Imperial Kingdom! This teaching will transform your understanding of the Kingdom of God, God Himself, and the people of His realm. Read the Scriptures with a new understanding, and develop the capacity to understand the Scriptures from a Hebrew mindset.

Come to a deeper revelation about the holy, common, impure, and pure! Follow through Ezekiel and the instructions to the Priests from a Kingdom viewpoint. Religious backgrounds often put you in a place of fearing your King. Kingdom colonization puts you into the realm of faith where you are prepared to meet your King.

Step into your God-given position, authority, and responsibility. You are much more than just the subject of a King; you are a Viceroy, Emissary, and King serving the King of Kings! The Promise, the Power, the Prosperity, and the Potential are manifesting right now in The Kingdom of God - The Imperial Kingdom!

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